Da peerie trip to Shetland

11th June 2015

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Shetland, staying with my friends Marc and Rae. Marc’s working on his PhD titled “Shetland Boat: History; Folklore and construction” so he was a great source of information about the history of the islands and the part that fishing and boats have played. Shetland has over 1,600 miles of coastline

New website and logo

8th June 2015

If you’ve visited my website before you might notice a few changes – it’s been redesigned! This is a project that’s taken me a long time but it’s been well worth it. Everything’s bigger – the images, the ‘negative space’, the buttons, etc. The pictures are at the forefront, surrounded by neutral colours or white

Belstone Tor, Dartmoor – location guide

1st September 2014

Overlooking the northern flanks of Dartmoor, Belstone Tor shares a plateau with many rocks and the remains of an old wall. The surrounding undulating landscape is dotted with tors and rocky outcrops while the view to the north takes in miles of open countryside.

Velbon Ultra REXi L travel tripod review

14th October 2013

My first foray into travel photography was full of new considerations for someone like me who’s used to taking pictures mostly in fields in the quiet countryside and mostly with only cows, birds and trees for company. Lugging a carbon fibre Gitzo tripod, measuring at least 70cm in length, on a plane, through multiple train […]

Weather planning: tips for photographers

13th January 2013

This article has been updated – read the latest version.

Staple Plain, Quantock Hills – location guide

8th December 2012

Inspiration comes to me at the oddest of times, regardless of occasion, time of day or place. Rarely is the potential for a photographic location out of my mind. After all, some of the best ideas come when they’re least expected.

Berrow Beach, Somerset – location guide

7th May 2012

One aspect of photography that I find most appealing and challenging is finding my own unique view of a place, particularly at coastal locations that receive lots of visitors. So when I visited Berrow Beach I sought to find something different from the well known pictures of it.

Glastonbury Tor: photographs from the Somerset Levels

29th January 2012

Since I began taking landscape photographs, Glastonbury Tor has been one of my most frequently visited subjects. The atmosphere of misty sunrises on the Somerset Levels is very special indeed; it’s the reason so many legends are associated with the area.