Water cascading down a fall on the Afon Lloer, overlooking the Ogwen Valley and Tryfan in the Glyderau mountain range, Snowdonia, Wales. Image © Stephen Spraggon.

Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia

Roll and Tumble

One of the mountains I admire the shape of most is Tryfan, the peak most prominent in this photograph. I followed the flow of Afon Lloer uphill, searching for a feature that would counterbalance the shape of Tryfan in the distance. It was mid-afternoon and the sky went through various shades of grey and blue as rain occasionally came and went. This precarious looking rock interested me so I spent a while composing my picture, getting the balance of framing right. Pictures like this are an exercise in patience as the lens and any filters need constant wiping to clear the rain. That slow working style makes the end result all the more rewarding.

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